South Coast Labradors

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South Coast Labradors

Tommy & Rachel Canastra
Lakeville, MA
(774) 271-0102

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Hi Rachel and family, 

​Merry Christmas! 

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how in love we are with Daisy.  She is an awesome pet.  She has the sweetest personality and is well behaved (unless of course there are socks around!). 

Thank you for bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives.  Here are some pictures for you!



Hi Rachel,

​We are incredibly sorry these pictures are so delayed.  We have had a wonderful but
very busy summer and fall with our adorable puppy!  After much deliberation, we
decided on Dakota as his name but affectionately call him Cody. 

We have been truly amazed at how quickly he has grown and became such an
integral part of our family life.  He is very loving and active.  He sends the kids off
to school each morning and then he and I go for a walk through our neighborhood. 
He recognizes the sound of the bus blocks away each afternoon and greets them
both at the front door.  He hears the garage door open and greets Ken at the
basement door. 

He loves to play and cuddle and especially to go upstairs and say goodnight to the
kids.  He adores other dogs and even has a few lab "friends" in the neighborhood.
Cody loves to play out in the yard, but unfortunately we have a fair amount of
traffic (cars and people) going by. We would love to let him play outside even more
so it is becoming quite evident that it is time to get an "out of sight fence". Could
you please ask Tom if he would like to give us a quote?

Hope you enjoy the pictures and this email finds you well. Best wishes for a happy
​and healthy holiday season!


​Ken, Tina, Aly, Jason and Cody


Molly is now 6 months old and Gavin is 3 years old.  They are the best of friends. Molly is my first lab and she is the greatest dog. She and Gavin are inseparable.  ​Best dog ever!


AKC English Labrador Retrievers

Hey Rachel,

Just figured I'd shoot ya an email and let you know we are doing great with Vera. She is getting so big right now, these growth spurts!

​We have followed your guide and it has helped so much.

It took her an extra week or 2 to actually be a little house broken, but she has been barking and letting us know she has to go out now. She discovered her vocal chords a few weeks HaHa.

Her and Buddy are getting along great now and you were spot on telling us he would ignore her for a few weeks, which he did. But they are good now. Her vet appts are going well and she is getting all the shots she needs for the time being.

I pretty much just wanted to say thanks for everything; she is an absolute joy to have around (most of the time!).

I have attached a few pictures too for ya. Hope all is well and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

​Matt & Lori

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I want to tell you how many compliments we have received on Finley. He is so handsome.  I have very proudly spread your company name around to the vets, admirers etc.  His temperament is very sweet too. The vet commented on his great temperament and said he is perfect. I think so too.

​He is a chow hound and knows where the snacks are kept. Ha ha

Hello Canastra Family!

​I wanted to write you a formal thank you for our beloved Henry. He is absolutely wonderful! He will be one next week and is turning into a well behaved and affectionate little man. I say little loosely, he is almost 80 lbs!! He is a gentle giant who loves to play and cuddle. All of your help and expertise throughout the puppy stage were priceless and appreciated. It made "puppyhood" seamless and less stressful. Henry is a very calm and loyal friend to Christopher and Jolie. He is always by their side and wants to be near them no matter what they are doing. Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him. We are very thankful that we have received such a warm, loving, calm and protective companion for our family. We look forward to adding another Lab from you in the future. Henry would love to have another friend and four legged playmate!  Thank you again! ​

​All Our Best,
​Nick and Brenner 
Rachel & Tommy,

​Just wanted show you guys how Cash is doing. He is getting big and he is a cutie.

Just got him enrolled in some obedience classes. Going to try to get his good citizen and then try therapy dog!!  He has a great temperament, we'll see! I did it with my old Lab when he was around the same age, he passed the good citizenship but didn't get the therapy because his tall was exuberant. Funny at 13 yrs old it still is. 

Thanks, Noreen

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Hi Rachel,

Angie is 3 years old today!  Sending you a picture of our fabulous family member!  She is the best dog we have ever had!  She clearly is Marcel's dog as she follows him everywhere!  They are inseparable!

​Thought you would enjoy this picture.  All is good here.  Hope the same for you guys.

Hope to see you soon.

Hello Rachel,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to touch base and let you know how well Maya is doing.   We all love her and she has become such a wonderful part of our family.  Maya is so smart. Out training with her has been going very well.
She sits on command. Gives her paw and we are working on her laying
down. She is getting better on the leash. We do walk her often! I sent
along a picture for you. 

Really looking forward to participating in the training class in June.



Hello Rachel,

​Hope all is well. I feel bad I have not emailed you or sent any pictures
of our beautiful labs since bringing home Noah!

We are in love with both of them. They are a true family with each other
and us! We have so much fun with them.  The picture is a couple months
old. Noah the yellow lab is so much bigger already. I do have to admit that
​Maya the black lab seems to be much smarter but Noah is simply adorable and lovable!  Perfect combo!

​Looking forward to seeing Noah’s littermates at the training.  Hope all is well with you and your family. 

Hi there, 

​My name is Susie and I have an almost 2 year old black lab from you.  My parents bought him for me and I want to share with you how lucky I feel to have such an amazing dog. 

Everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful he is and how mellow and well behaved.  I'd like to think that this is because of me :o) But I have a feeling most of Oliver's character comes from those initial weeks.  Thank you so so much. 

The first year was VERY hard.  I was living on a farm and with all the smells and excitement it was hard for me to handle him.  But for some reason, this last year and particularly these last two months Oliver has become this striking, easy, happy, giant dog.

So I just wanted you guys to know, for whatever its worth, whatever you are doing, it works.  Every day gets better and better. I attached a couple pictures...All the best to you!


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Hello Rachel and Tommy-

Thought you might like to see how Runi has grown!  This picture was taken last weekend--- it's so amazing how much she's changed since we brought her home.

​She continues to be curious and very friendly with people of all ages and is doing well with with all sorts of canine encounters---from small puppies to larger puppies and adult dogs.

She is now 28lbs----and loves to do anything physical.  We've been involved with
puppy training---she's doing very well
with sit/stay and down.  Runi has done very
well with housetraining.  She is also able to sleep through the night from about 9:30pm until 5am.

People notice her---especially her face. We have received many compliments on just
how striking she is overall----and we agree---she is a beautiful dog!

While we were at the vets the other day, a couple who owned an older black lab were
very interested in learning about Runi's background.  We shared your names and
internet site so perhaps they may have already contacted you.  They were very
appreciative of Runi's personality and appearance, so were very interested in
learning more about Runi's breeders.

Looking forward to seeing you for the puppy litter get-together.  Runi's scheduled
to be spayed on May 21 so I'm hoping that does not interfere with our ability to visit.  

We are so very grateful for having the opportunity to meet all of you and your wonderful dogs. Our experience with Runi has brought much to our family.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with your dogs.

Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying our spring beginnings.


Hi Rachel, 

​Just wanted to drop a quick note to you guys - Well, it was a long ride home for our little
guy Wednesday night - he wasn't a happy camper at all. However, I am pleased to report
that he's settling in nicely and he's being a very good boy (no accidents!). He's getting
better at settling down in his crate at night, and also does very well during the day. 

I took him to the vets today for his checkup and to get him set up for his next shots - they
all (technicians) raved about how handsome he is, and of course he's as healthy as can be.
I have also registered his chip - and the vet confirmed with the scanner that it reads fine.
The vet is a huge fan of English Labs and was so impressed with Wyatt.

So thank you again, we couldn't be more thrilled with our little guy - he's just beautiful
and has a great personality. I've attached a couple of pics I took this afternoon on one
of our many trips out to the yard for some romping time.

Take care - Best regards, Mike & Jen

Hi Rachel, 

My how quickly time flies- our little guy is getting so big! Wanted to
send you some pics of Wyatt so you can see how he's doing. What a
lovely boy; he is and such a wonderful addition to our family.

​Can't thank you enough, such a fine pup - even temperament and
​so handsome too. 

​Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer! Warm regards,

​Mike, Jen & Ben